Urology Surgical Table

Urology Surgical Table Model HLE is a 3 movement c-arm table with the Highest weight capacity! 650 lbs, the Largest Metal Free Area! 58" carbon fiber tabletop (80" total with extension)

  • Customers are confident in their purchase with the Longest Warranty! 24 months from date of acceptance.  In saying that, 8000HLE c-arm table is also Upgradeable.

Urology Surgical Table movements

The 8000HLE C-arm table's incredibly low 27" minimum height and impressive movement range to a Max Height of 39" delivers the safest table for transfer and insures all physicians are happy with available movement ranges.   A15 degree lateral tilt and 16" extend and retract/head-to-toe movement complete the powered positioning for the 8000HLE.

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C-arm Table Accessories:

  • O.R. accessory rails
  • Disposable drain bag holder
  • 24" carbon fiber radiolucent extension / patient transfer board
  • Patient pad 2" thick with 3 restraints
  • Hand held controller (wired) - controls all movements
  • Hospital Grade Foot control - controls all movements
  • (4) Heavy duty, non-marking, locking casters