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Urology Cysto Table | 8000HLT

Urology Cysto C-arm Table

Urology Cysto C-arm Tables with significant advantages delivering the safest urology c-arm table for patient and staff!  C-arm Table with the highest weight capacity of 650 lbs(without extension), the largest metal free area of 58″ carbon fiber tabletop (80″ total with extension), C-arm Table with the lowest height and widest height range available, and the lowest profile base to allow unencumbered C-Arm movement. Your facility will be covered by the longest C-arm table warranty of 24 months and you can upgrade it at anytime onsite



Urology Cysto Table | 8000HLT

Urology Cysto Table model# URO 8000HLT movements include Height, Lateral tilt, and Trendelenburg positioning.  You will not find a table that goes lower delivering the safest transfers and widest range of physician height preferences.

  • Height: 24.6″ minimum height and 42.5″ max height, 15 degree lateral Tilt, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg

Urology Cysto Table 8000HLT includes:

  • O.R. accessory rails
  • Disposable drain bag holder
  • 24″ carbon fiber radiolucent extension / patient transfer board
  • Patient pad 2″ thick with 3 restraints
  • Hand held controller (wired) – controls all movements
  • Hospital Grade Foot control – controls all movements
  • (4) Heavy duty, non-marking, locking casters