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Pain Management Table | 8000F

Pain Management Table

Pain Management Table and spinal imaging tables for pain management c-arm procedures have superior specifications, the longest most comprehensive warranty, and guaranteed lowest c-arm table pricing.   8000 Series c-arm tables have the highest patient weight capacity at 650lbs, goes lower & higher than any other pain management c-arm table, and delivers the safest operational table for the patient and staff.



Pain Management Table

Pain Management Table with the highest standard weight capacity!  650 pounds!!,  The longest & most comprehensive warranty!  50 month table warranty! 

  • Safest C-arm Tables! Eliminate step stools due to the 8000 c-arm table’s low height
  • Most comfortable c-arm table for the patient! The high density hospital pad and soft covering provide excellence comfort for the longer procedures.  Along with the various table top airway options and positioning accessories you will not find a better pain management c-arm table
  • Pain Management Table with the Largest Metal Free Area!! 58″ Metal Free Area
  • (4) Carbon Fiber Table tops shapes to choose from
  • Safest Pain Management Table for your C-armSuperior Low profile base with unencumbered C-arm access.  C-Arm will not hit our low profile base!
  • Upgrade it! any movement can be added onsite at a later date
  • Largest real 360° metal-free imaging area
  • Hand switch controls all table movements (most others don’t)
  • Foot switch controls all table movements (most others don’t)
  • Wireless remote controls all table movements (most others don’t)-optional
  • 22” or 24” wide tabletops for smaller C-Arms or larger patients
  • High Resolution™ carbon fiber top (makes a big difference in image quality)
  • Cervical-shaped or square-nose top (with or without facial access cutout)
  • Composite top option for a cost conscious solution
  • Lightest and most compact design on the market
  • Heavy duty motors will not bind or bounce or move slowly
  • 4 locking non-marking casters
  • 2” Premium table pad
  • 2 patient safety straps

Pain Management Table Heights

  • 35″ or 37″  (other heights available – up to 44″)

Protect your staff with c-arm table skirts.


Additional information

Table Top

Cervical Shape w/airway cutout, Square nose w/ airway cut out, Square Nose w/o airway cut out, 24" wide