Medical Table Pads

Hundreds of thousands of pressure ulcers reported annually as a secondary diagnosis from surgeries.  The adoption of quality pressure management surgical table replacement pads are a major consideration for the reduction of clinically acquired pressure ulcers.  Our medical company works to improve patient care while significantly reducing health care operating costs with Multi-Layer Pressure Relief medical table pads. Pressure ulcer formation data shows significant reduction in stage II-IV ulcers in comparison to standard OEM surgical table pads.  Stryker Tables, Steris, Jackson, Stille, Biodex surgical c-arm tables.

The length of OR times of 3+ hours are common and the quality of your surgical table pads are imperative to insure skin integrity to reduce treatment costs per ulcer that range between $2,500.00-$4,000.00 per ulcer and stay charges of $40,000.00+.  Pressure management pads and standard surgical table pads comparisons shows of 100 bed, 6 OR facilities savings $250.000.00 per year based on pressure management surgical table pads. The reduction of OR acquired pressure ulcers are designed into every surgical table pad we provide and we understand that Stage III-IV pressure ulcers are part of medicare’s “Never Events”

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