C-arms and C-arm Machines from GE/OEC, Philips, Siemens, and Ziehm for long-term dependable c-arm fluoroscopy procedures.  GE’s OEC line is the US market leader with roughly 70% of the US c-arm market.  GE C-arms that we provide include the GE 9900 Elite, GE 9800 and GE 9600 in standard C-arm and Super C-arm configurations.

Fluoroscopy C-arm systems are some the most used, expensive, and complicated systems in the radiology department.  Proper training is required and site evaluations must be present in order to operate radiation generating c-arms.  The primary and most costly components include the X-ray tube, Image Intensifier.  The X-ray tube converts X-rays that are passed through the patient into Image Intensifier which display anatomy on the monitors.

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