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C-arm Tables

OR Products C-arm tables include urology surgery tables, vascular surgical tables, and pain management imaging tables with superior specifications, the market’s lowest pricing, and the longest c-arm table warranties.  Contact us for Biodex c-arm table factory direct pricing and Demo table availability.  Depending on your timeline and the schedules of our various meetings we may be able to coordinate a discount prior to show dates.

Let us know how we can help you with any c-arm table for your center.  The 8000 Series table is our most popular pain management and urology c-arm table due to the Highest Weight Capacity – 650lbs, the longest, most comprehensive warranty – 50 months, the advanced base design, and the 7 table top options at no extra cost.

8000 Series Imaging Tables are designed to be the safest table for patient and staff that eliminates a step stool in most cases.  The 8000 Series table’s advanced base design minimizes patient, staff and c-arm interference.  The widest height ranges, the lowest minimum heights-as low as 22″, and maximum heights allows the tallest of staff to be comfortable during long operating days.

New, Demo, and Reconditioned c-arm tables to meet your budget and specification requirements.

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